Super 400

Troy, NY: Kenny Hohman picked up the guitar as a young boy after hearing Eddie Van Halen's mind-bending tracks on the early Van Halen records. Joe Daley's two older brothers were already established musicians in their home town, so when Joe was a teenager, he cut his teeth playing the drums with them at dingy clubs and blues joints in and around Troy. After high school, Joe and Kenny moved to New York City, then Woodstock, in the hopes finding the right bass player and establishing a Rock and Roll band. The pair had spent hundreds of smoky hours hypnotized by the magic of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin - the music that was made for young souls to discover and devour.

Their travels left them unsatisfied and Hohman and Daley returned home, where on a Monday night blues jam, they unexpectedly met bassist Lori Friday. Friday had been on a musical journey that paralleled her new friends' - she lived on the heavy rock and soul sounds of her heroes and was searching for her musical match. The three made a date to jam in a Troy warehouse, and after 45 minutes, Super 400 was born. They didn't need to speak of it - they were already a band from the first note.

The three friends immediately began long jam sessions that lasted for days, searching for and cultivating a sound and feel that would develop into a breathing entity that was entirely theirs. Super 400 takes the classic 'power trio' approach with their live show - three instruments taking up the sonic space of an airplane hangar, rocking to the heavens - but their vocal dynamics and undeniable spiritual synergy cause the sounds to swell to the bursting point.

The band has become one of the most loyally followed rock bands in the Northeast, and the fan base is growing; last year's national tours started a chain of bootleg recordings that have been traded and coveted around the world. Success at the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain spurred an international following that recently sold out over 20 shows across Europe. Their 2007 release, 3 And The Beast, received high praise from international press and could be found in rotation at over 250 radio stations in the US and Canada. Back home, the mayor of Troy gave Super 400 their own official holiday, 'Super 400 Day', to recognize the band's musical achievements as well as the love and support the city has shown for them.

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